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There is nowhere quite like McCall, and more people each year seem to find our quaint little town on the lake surrounded by endless recreational & active lifestyle pursuits. People come to town to enjoy this very special place, and many come looking to find their slice of heaven, whether it's a summer cabin, or a place to call home full time.
Our nearest big town, Boise and the Treasure Valley continue to grow and more and more we see steady visitation of vacationers and vacation home seekers.  With the growth of Boise, and it's continued high rankings as one of the best places to live and work in the country, McCall continues to be Boise's vacation place, a destination for summer and winter recreation and tourism from visitors from other larger cities throughout the west.
The real estate market in McCall is healthy, home values and prices are stable, not significantly rising or falling. Starting home prices are around $600,000 in McCall and $450,000 in Donnelly.  Average home price/sq foot is $400/sf. Higher end homes tend to be in the $500/sf price range.  
Building costs start around $400/sq ft for good quality new construction.  The cost to buy and lot, develop the lot, design and build a home is generally going to be at least 15% more than purchasing an existing home.  For advice and consulatation regarding the home building process, subdivision process, or any more complicated city or county development processes, please call Mike Maciaszek at (208) 315-2945 to discuss.
There is much current press about the NAR Settlement, a lawsuit that challenged the way commissions are offered and paid to selling/buyer's agents.  The change is that commissions for buyer's agents will not necessarily be offered through the MLS to cooperating brokerages. Buyer's agents must now confirm compensation with listing agents.  If a seller chooses to not offer compensation to a buyer's agent, the buyer and the buyer's broker can agree to other options for compensation as described in the Buyer Representation Agreement.  As per usual, we will walk our clients through the options and choices for each's situation.
The settlement highlights that all brokerage commissions and compensation are negotiable, which has always been the case, but in some cases it may not have seemed so with some brokerages.  With Real Estate of McCall, brokerage compensation is and always has been negotiable.  We work on percentage, flat rate, and hourly, choosing with our clients how to approach each transaction and brokerage compensation.  
As the real estate market is everchanging, the best advice is to engage with a top performing agent or broker so that they can be on the look out for you.  We're happy to be that brokerage.  Seasonally, we see the most showing activity during the summer, and the most closed sales in fall, with typically low inventory in the winter, more new listings coming on in Spring.  If you're considering selling or considering purchasing a home in McCall, please contact Mike Maciaszek (208) 315-2945 or any of our agents.  
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